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Bookfinder.com just released its 2008 top 10 requested out of print books.  Robb Whites The Lions Paw is ranked #1 as the most requested out of print children's book.  You can get it now. Click here to buy The Lions Paw.


House on Haunted Hill, with Vincent Price, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, 1958.

Macabre, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, 1958.

The Tingler, with Vincent Price, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, 1958.

Up Periscope, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1958.

13 Ghosts, William Castle Productions, 1960.

Homicidal, William Castle Productions, 1961.


Movie Versions:

Our Virgin Island was filmed as Virgin Island directed by Pat Jackson in 1958; starring Sidney Poitier, John Cassavetes and Ruby Dee.

Up Periscope was directed by Gordon Douglas, at Warner Brothers Pictures in 1959, starring James Garner, Edmond O’Brien, Frank Gifford and Edd Byrnes.

Deathwatch was adapted for Television by Spelling-Goldberg Productions as Savages, directed by Lee H. Katzin in 1974, with Andy Griffith, Sam Bottoms and Noah Beery, Jr.

Robb White’s Screenplays inspired Dark Castle Productions, the heirs of William Castle, to produce remakes of House on Haunted Hill (1999) and Thirteen Ghosts (2001).


Author of Television Scripts for TV Series:

Perry Mason (1961–65)

Silent Service (1957)

Men of Annapolis (1957)


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