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Bookfinder.com just released its 2008 top 10 requested out of print books.  Robb Whites The Lions Paw is ranked #1 as the most requested out of print children's book.  You can get it now. Click here to buy The Lions Paw.


A Bit About The Author:

In addition to being a screen writer for feature films and television series, Robb White is best known as the author of adventure stories for young readers. White’s fans include children and baby boomers alike.  Many of White’s adventure novels featured young heroes working as a team, pulling together to “take on” the powers that be.  Many of White’s fans were introduced to Smuggler’s Sloop (1937), Three Against the Sea (1940), The Lion’s Paw (1946), Sail Away (1948) in Scholastic editions in American public schools from mid-1940-1980s.  White knew that young people appreciated his work most. He attributed this to their good, decent and courageous nature – exactly the kind of people about whom he enjoyed writing.  White confided to Something About the Author that he liked “stories which dealt with ordinary people who survived in the face of terrible hardship. . . .”  White's work is often driven by a hero, a characteristic that is clearly present in Deathwatch (1972) where the protagonist not only battles his human persecutor, but barely survives the severe harshness of the American desert.

Deathwatch has received numerous awards including the ALA Best of the Best Books for Young Adults, the New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year (1972) and the Edgar Allen Poe Award (1973) for Best Juvenile Mystery from the Mystery Writers of America, and continues to receive strong domestic and international recognition as a great story for young readers today. 

Keep your eyes open for other White titles, as A.W. INK, is bringing a number of these books back to print in the near future.  Look for more information on upcoming publications at www.thelionspaw.org or contact A.W. INK at les@awinkinc.com.

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