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Bookfinder.com just released its 2008 top 10 requested out of print books.  Robb Whites The Lions Paw is ranked #1 as the most requested out of print children's book.  You can get it now. Click here to buy The Lions Paw.

Fan Section

Jack, Age 70ish Wrote:


I’m another “Lions Paw” reader that credits White’s art as having launched a reading life for me in 1948 or so, a life that took me first to Captiva at age 14 … and subsequently has taken me to live in spots all over the planet.  Presently, in the south China Sea.


I looked for a copy of Lion’s Paw for years and bought it immediately when you published a couple years ago. I’m now reading it to my 5 year old.


I read to my boy at bedtime every night. A couple days ago he confided “When you first began to read Lion’s Paw I wasn’t interested in a book with complicated sentences. Now I can’t wait to read it every night.”


I’ve seen a number of mentions that you will publish editions of selected White titles. 


Whats the prognosis?

Best …



Tom, Age 56 Wrote:


My name is Tom.  I will soon be 56, this book taught me how to read.


Keep the faith.





Kirsten, Age 11 Wrote:

When I read The Lion's Paw I really liked the part when Ben was believing that his dad would come home and when everyone else said that he was dead Ben wouldn't change his thought about his dad coming back. I liked how he had the courage to run-away and find The Lion's Paw. I also really liked how he said " My dad will come home when we find a Lion's Paw." And how he would never give up on finding it and when his dad was on the boat he had the courage to stand up to the man who wanted to get his reward for finding Penny, Nick and Ben.

I would recommend this book to people from ages 10+ and I hope that I am the first person to send you a review!

Joan Wrote:

I was born in 1944, which makes me 64 years old.  One of my fondest and best memories of my childhood was when I received  "The Lion's Paw" for my 10th birthday as a gift from my parents, who were both avid readers.  I remember all of us, including my 7 year old brother, reading it together.   We laughed, we cried, and we  felt the "magic" that we all gleaned from that most special book.  In the years following, I read that book until it was ragged and frayed, but each time I read it, I found something new and astonishing.  It was  like having an old friend by my side.

Fast forward to 1976 when my own daughter, Jamie, turned 10.  You guessed it, "The Lion's Paw" was my gift to her.  We also read it together. Seeing it  through her eyes gave me more insight as to how the author, Robb White, had the innate ability to express in words the meaning of life, the importance of loving and honest relationships, and how nature is such a powerful force to man.  Jamie loved the book, and also read it for many years.

Thirty years have passed, and now Jamie, has her own daughter, Rosie, soon to be 10.  The only gift from me will  be "The Lion's Paw", of course, to continue the tradition of our   family.  Purchasing it, however, became a problem.  The bookstores no longer carried it, and could not find it for me.   Being semi-computer smart  I looked on the internet, and by some miracle, found your site.  After speaking to you via phone, I was able to order a brand new copy and got it 2 days later.  Having you both autograph it only added to my joy at being able to share this with the "light of my life" Rosie.

I just want to thank you both for bringing this treasure back to where it belongs...with the people..who can have their own new, exciting and meaningful adventures through "The Lion's Paw".

Tavares, Florida

From Diane:

OMG!!!!  I am so excited to find this book - at a reasonable price. I'm almost 68 years old.  This was my favorite book (and a favorite of classmates) when I was in fourth grade.  My parents bought me a copy (publisher date is 1950) and it is now held together with a rubber band.

Periodically I go into Amazon to see if it had been reissued.  The last time I checked seems to be 2003 at which time I learned that Bailey White, one of my favorite NPR commentators, was Robb White's daughter.  There were several reviews by people who also fondly remembered reading the book in childhood.    Richard Leinecker from Reidsville NC even said he would "entertain re-publishing"; Dave Mankus from Wolfeboro Falls NH was a big fan too.  I printed their reviews and sent them notes to see if any of them had heard any more about re-publishing.  I never got replies.

My grandson Gordon is turning 9, and I checked again to see if the book was back in print. If it wasn't, I was going to see about having my copy rebound.  Imagine my surprise and happiness to find the book available!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would urge you to advertise somehow....there is a whole generation out there who remember the book and would buy it again for themselves or their offspring.... and the holidays are coming!!

Thanks again for republishing and for writing.  What a delight to actually get email from Robb White's child!

Indianapolis, IN

This morning I received the following letter:

 Jeff wrote:

"Like so many others of my generation, I was introduced to Robb White through Scholastic Book Services while I was in grade school.  I recall that I read Up Periscope first, followed sometime later by Lion's Paw; they both made an enormous impact on my young literary consciousness.

"My wife and I now have a ten year old son, and ever since kindergarten we've had a tradition of me reading aloud from a selected book for a few minutes before bedtime.  I was delighted when my eagle-eyed wife spotted a used copy of Lion's Paw, and we were able to share that extraordinary story again--I'd lost my copy many years ago.

"But I felt an even deeper appreciation when, over this past summer, I felt he was old enough to hear Up Periscope.  My dad passed away several years before our son was born, and thus he was never able to hear Dad's stories of his experiences as a Seabee in the Pacific war.

I feel strongly that Robb's book can serve as a window for my son into my parents' generation, and the life and death struggles (that are so much larger than our current ones) they had to face, along with the values of honor, duty and courage that Robb emphasized so well.

"I am overjoyed and grateful that Robb's books are coming back into print. 

Jeff Sechelski

Houston, Texas"


Lee Bilbro Wrote:

I can’t thank you enough to have published this book again. I couldn’t justify spending the amount of money other sellers were asking for this book, even though I consider it very worth any price. I can’t wait to present this book to my daughters who are about the age that I was when I first read it. I found this book many years ago in my grade school’s “Scholastic Book Club”. I was in 5th grade and I bought it on a lark. It was a paperback that cost, maybe, $1.50! As it turned out, it became one of the most engrossing and memorable books I’ve ever read. I unfortunately lost track of the book and I’ve been looking for it everywhere since then (at least at a price I could afford).

Thank you for recognizing the talent of Mr. Robb and bringing this book back to life for another generation of readers.


Valynne wrote:

I received the book I ordered, The Lion's Paw by Robb White yesterday in the mail.  What a surprise!!!  I am a teacher and one of the teacher's in my building read this book to her class.  My daughter was in her class and loved the book.  I have tried to get my hands on it for years but, of course, could not as it was out of print.  Several years ago I did a search for it on Amazon.com and found a copy for $398!  I gave up.  Last Friday, I was ordering books for my classroom on Amazon.com and on a whim did a search for it again and came across you.  My daughter and I were very excited.  I have kept your card so that I can order again from you in the future.  Your service was awesome!

Thanks so much!

Valynne Underwood


Gaynell Wrote:

I am so happy this book is being republished! It is such a wonderful adventure story by Robb White. I first learned about this book from my cousin who is now collecting her social security checks. She remembered this story from her school days when her teacher read this to her class during oral reading time. She asked me to check on e-bay to see if I could find it. She wanted to read it to her grandsons. Next, my brother was asking me to find it so he could read it to his daughters. He too had a teacher read to his class. I was able to get a hardback and paperback from E-Bay. I thought at that time, what a shame this book is only available in early publications. This new edition is a welcome sight to me. I plan to give them away as gifts to my Miami readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
                                                   Sincerely yours,
  Gaynell Duke


Chuck Wrote:

Ms. Saunders,

Our fourth grade teacher at Sunset Elementary School in Ft Lauderdale would read aloud to us every day after lunch. Sometime during the school year of 1962-63 The Lion's Paw was one of the books she read to us.  It has remained a favorite of mine although I have not re-read it since and I wanted to share it with my grandson and granddaughter.  thank you for bringing it back into print.

                                                           Chuck Ford


Patrick Wrote:


     Thanks for your prompt response to my shipping inquiry. You were asking about my experience with the book.. I am sixty six I'll be sixty seven in November. When I was in grade school, the fourth grade, I read the book parts of it stuck with me for the rest of my life. The children calling themselves eganahpos, my parents at that time were always taking in homeless or abused teenagers from Catholic Charities so I had a feeling for those at the orphanage. I always had an affection for sailboats and still have a picture in my mind of what that boat must have looked like. This book inspired many sailboat drawings for the rest of my years in grade school. Since then I've had many sailboats none had the proper image of what I thought the Lions Paw would look like. What prompted my interest in wanting to re-read the book is a year ago I started a restoration on a small Cape Cod Cat sail boat (not catamaran) and was trying to come up with a name for it and the Lions Paw boat comes to mind when the kids set sail I can see it now. 

About my Cat Boat project I volunteer quite a bit for the Sea Scouts in Portland. The designer of this particular type of Cat Boat was a well known Naval architect by the name of Charles Whitholz and if I have my dates right his first boat design and build was done when he was a teenager in the Sea Scouts in 1928, they couldn't afford to buy one so they built it. Naval architects are extremely rare I think the number now is still less than a thousand.  Charles Whitholz starting with a disadvantaged beginning and achieved some substantial goals.

It is a stretch but this is why I have been so selective about naming my boat the Lions Paw. Charles Whitholz-humble beginnings,+ Cat Boat-Lion, +book Lions Paw =name Lions Paw. Some things live forever I've thought about that book now for a long time now. It all adds up, at least to me.

      Best wishes for success, and I hope all of the problems getting it reprinted and on the marketplace are behind you. Fair winds and good sailing.

Sincerely,  Patrick Henry Hague


Karen Wrote:

I am 66 years old. I have ALWAYS remembered The Lion's Paw as one of my favorite childhood reads!  I have looked and looked for The Lion's Paw and have been unable to find a copy over the years. I was a teacher, a curriculum coordinator and elementary principal in Wisconsin in my working life. I was involved in the closing of three schools in the district in which I worked. In each instance I scoured the library for a copy of The Lion's Paw before the library was shut down and the books either redistributed on destroyed. Sadly, no luck.

My husband and I are retired now and living in southeast Arizona. I am still a voracious reader. My next door neighbor subscribes to the Sunday NY Times and gives it to me when she's finished with it. I actually screamed when I saw the ad saying The Lion's Paw is back in print. It probably has been 55 years since I last read it but I have always used the word eganaphro for orphanage. I have always thought it came from that book. I hope I am right!!! I can't wait to read it again and see how it will play in today's world.

 I am still in touch with several friends from St. Paul's Elementary School in St. Cloud. Minnesota and I have alerted them to the new publication!

Karen Beckers


Susan Wrote:

Hi Leslie-
About 3 months ago a friend loaned us his copy for our six year old daughter, and we all fell in love with the book. We are sailors on the west coast of Florida and frequently cruise the area Robb describes. When I tried to buy a copy I learned it was out of print, and I wasn't willing to pay $150. for a used copy. My (mis?) understanding was that the copyright was controlled by a relative who would not release the rights to re-publish the book. How did you get around that?!!

In any event, yesterday I flipped through the NY Times Review of Books and jumped when I saw your ad. I shouted the news to my husband & daughter & then went straight to the computer to order the book.

We're looking forward to owning and re-reading the book.

Susan Davidson
Palmetto, FL


Janet Wrote:

I know of this book through a friend, Gail Lundstrom, who I believe has ordered several copies from you recently.  This book has meant so much to her son and she's been looking for a copy of it for years (someone borrowed hers and never returned it).  We share a great love for books and she encouraged me to get a copy for me to enjoy with my "future" grandchildren.  Since I enjoy everything Gail reads, I am looking forward to reading this book and savoring it for the future.  So that's my story....and I'm stickin' to it  :-)
Janet Paine



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